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How to order 

1. please contact us by e-mail

2. We going to contact you back and arrange for an interview, in case you can’t make it to
our workshop it can be done by Skype or via email ( same refers to international orders )

On this stage, we going to find out what sort of riding and personal goals customer is
aiming for. It could take some time to find out a person’s current bike set up,
fitness level, riding experience, etc. All of the mentioned above we’ll take to an account in
designing a new frame.

3. After the interview, we going to find an appropriate fit on the bike, again it can be done in our workshop or for a more detailed and accurate fit I can arrange a pro fitting session for
an additional cost ( please contact us for a quote).
Also, I can have a look at your current set up and decide what needs to be adjusted.
When 3 contact points are known: saddle height/set back, handlebar drop and reach from the saddle tip, we going to design geometry for a particular type of riding and desired handling of the bike.

4. When geometry nailed we going proceed to the finish, paint, and aesthetics. There a lot
of different options on how to make your ride truly personal and one of a kind. Please see
our Instagram account to get an idea of what is possible.

5. Before I start working on your bike you are going to ask for a deposit.
Production time usually takes 8-12months at the moment, depends on the difficulty of the project.
When the frame is finished you’ll be asked for the rest of the balance.
If you wish we can decide the components for your bike together to get the best performance possible.


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