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Equilibrium cycle works is a one-man operated workshop in the East of Tokyo.

We specialize in hand made custom bicycle frames made to order.
It was born out of a passion for cycling, steel construction, simple lines, and a seamless finish.

My journey in cycling world begun with restoring and riding vintage lightweight racers for a number of years, later on,  

I met Mr. Ohtaki well known Japanese NJS frame builder and he introduced me to steel frame construction.
His experience and support helped a lot in setting up my own brand " Equilibrium cycle works ".

In my process, I combine classic lines with modern technologies to make a perfect performance machine that can last a lifetime.

An Individual approach to every single unit gives me the freedom to make it truly unique and perfectly matched to any of my customers.

​Vladimirs Balahovskis

Equilibrium Cycle Works,

Tokyo, Japan


Workshop tour

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