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Creation of BRUTALIST was a call for expanding new ways of riding and exploring unknown territories.
The main concept behind it is to keep a crisp and lively feeling of the road bike and extend it to the point where the bike could feel at home on almost any terrain and riding situations.

Tubing was a critical part of bringing desired ride characteristics to this project. We wanted the bike to be stiff enough to be fast, responsive and stable at speed and on uneven surfaces, but vertically compliant for control and comfort and minimize speed loss on bumpy roads.

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As a solution, we created a very solid front triangle with a stiff drive train area and special designed shock absorbing rear seat stays.

Bended and located the way greatly boosts shock absorption, control and traction compared to ordinary straight seat stays designs.

Brutalist features original 3D printed seat stays bridge that creates tripple triangle with top and seat tube but keeps seat stays angle pretty low to increase vertical compliance even firther.

Frame fits really well with cutom made EQ seat post as well.


As one of the EQUILIBRIUM original points - we use custom made CNC cut drop outs, for flat mount disc brakes and 12mm Syntace thru axle.

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Brutalist is adjusted to be able to use as road set up as well with 28-32c tires without looking strange also the ride feel is same as endurance road machine which is perfect for long hours in a saddle.

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A popular upgrade is the "carbon seat tube" which gives the bike a more responsive race ready feel.

Technical specifications


Titanium straight gauge tubing for greater strength to withstand the demands of rough off road riding, T47 bottom bracket, Tapered or straight 44mm head tube, flat mount disc brakes, 12 x 142 mm thru axle


Columbus Futura or ENVE garvel/road, 12 x 100mm thru axle, flat mount disc brake


Fully customizable


Brushed or bead blasted finish with one color anodized logo, Cerakote and more complicated anodizing patterns available at upcharge.

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